01 Welcome

02 Conversation 5678

03 Crisis

04 Northern Light

05 Drum Factory

06 Improvisation 158 

07 Malmö Unite

Anders Vestergård & Emilio Martins Rhythm Lab is a drum and percussion duo improvising rhythms and grooves on a given structure often within a given rhythmic framework. The music is dynamic and intuitive with strong elements of African and Brazilian music performed with a jazz approach to improvising. While most of the pieces have a strong groove some of them are more experimental drawing on a more abstract rhythmic landscape. On this their first release they are joined by the Congolese singer José Pereelanga who is featured on two of the songs.

Anders Vestergård - drums, percussion and vocals

Emilio Martins - percussion and vocals

José Pereelanga - vocals

Anders Vestergård & Emilio Martins Rhythm Lab

Special guest José Pereelanga
dvrcd 008

Release in April 2019

Frony Cover by Marcus Marchi Jr

Cover Art: Matilda Andersson


01 Inside Turnabout

02 Caixa Cubo

03 Newhouser

04 Me Perdi

05 Stu

06 De Passagem

07 L.O.V.

08 Two Step Leap

Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quartet

Inside Turnabout is the second album of this partnership recording modern jazz with compositions by both leaders. The first one was Lisbon Sessions recorded in Europe with mostly European musicians except Lupa, Ronan Guilfoyle on bass and Michael Buckley sax, both from Ireland and Gonçalo Marques trumpet from Portugal.

This new record, Inside Turnabout, was recorded at Sunnanå Studios outside Malmö, Sweden in February 2017. It was supposed to be a second tour of the first album but ended up being a new group with new compositions from Anders, Lupa as well as the Brazilian sax player Rodrigo Ursaia. Rodrigo has a long partnership with Lupa, and a cd recorded with a Quintet. Anders listened to this work and found the identification of Rodrigo’s sound with his compositions. Both Brazilians were touring in Europe and this was a good chance to experiment with a new group and new repertoire so Anders called the great bassist Mattias Hjorth. Mattias has an amazing groove and deep knowledge of the contemporary jazz language and added a lot to the recipe.

The result is an album with very fresh compositions, challenging harmonies and different grooves mixing latin, Brazilian, and hybrid rhythms – an open invitation for the listener to dive into!

Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quartet is:

Anders Vestergård – drums

Lupa Santiago – guitar

Rodrigo Ursaia – sax

Mattias Hjorth – bass

Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quartet

Inside Turnabout

dvrcd 007

Release in October 2017

Cover Art: Sven Tesch Hallström


01 Alle man på däck

02 Jag älskar vinden

03 Ebb och flod

04 Mångata

06 Sjöjungfrun

07 Stormen

08 Som fisken i vattnet

Båtjazz med Emma and the Jazzcrusaders

Häng med på en seglats i lagom bris, i

storm eller helt utan vind i seglen!

Ibland känner man sig så väldigt liten

och ibland måste man vara modig!

I besättningen finns fyra fantastiska

jazzmusiker som för skutan i hamn –

Och kom ihåg: Tillsammans är vi starka!

Emma Denward - vocals

Magnus Hjorth - piano

David Andersson - bass

Anders Vestergård – drums 

Emma and the Jazzcrusaders

Båtjazz med Emma and the Jazzcrusaders

dvrcd 006

Release in August 2017

Dolls and pictures: Petra Löfmarck

Cover Art: Sven Tesch Hallström

Artist facebook page:


01Flyg flyg

02 Svart hål blues

03 Stjärnfall

04 Ljusårslängtan

06 Rött och guld

07 Supernova i kärlek

08 Natten blå

Welcome to a world of jazz from the stars with Emma and the Jazzcrusaders release

Stjärnjazz med Emma and the Jazzcrusaders!

At times everything feels like a black hole, other times you feel like a supernova. How does it feel to fly in the sky on a lovely summer day, to hug somebody hard or to need comfort on a lonely evening? The record consists of original tunes that take you on a swinging, poetical and musical journey.

Emma Denward - vocals

Magnus Hjorth - piano

David Andersson - bass

Anders Vestergård – drums         

Emma and the Jazzcrusaders

Stjärnjazz med Emma and the Jazzcrusaders

dvrcd 005

Release in July 2015

Cover Art: Marianna Prieto

Dolls and pictures: Petra Löfmarck

artist facebook page:


01 Sliding

02 Lais

03 Another Perspective

04 Pizindim

05 X-directions

06 Antes Tarde

07 Paraspasm

08 Ornethology

The dvrcd 004 is a collaboration between Anders Vestergård and the Brazilian guitar player Lupa Santiago. Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quintet comes out of earlier collaborations both of us have done with the other musicians on different occasions playing in Brazil, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Denmark and South Africa. When meeting in Denmark 2013 we set up the plans to make a record together and contaced the other musicians which eventually led to a week of playing and recording our music in Lisbon 2014. It’s all original music composed by both of us. We wanted to create music characterised by strong melodies, rhythmic creativity and dynamic interplay with improvisations that could go in any direction.

Anders Vestergård – drums                       

Lupa Santiago – guitar                               

Goncalo Marques - trumpet

Ronan Guilfoyle - bass

Michael Buckley - saxophones

Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quintet Lisbon Sessions

dvrcd 004

4 July 2015

cover art: Marianna Prieto

photo:Joaquim Mendes

swedish press release


01 Avec Toi

02 Bolingo ya Citron

03 Embarras de choix

04 Gaby

05 Histoire Vraie

06 Ingrid

07 Kärlek

08 Ya Yesu

We are very proud to present our third release on drumvoice records, José Pereelanga! José grew up in Kinshasa, Congo. His voice caught the attention of Madilu, singer in the legendary Congolese guitarist Franco's band, and Jose ended up touring all over Africa with Madilu System. Later on he also worked with Papa Wembe and was for many years the lead singer of the world famous group Zaiko Langa Langa. Now José is living in Malmoe, Sweden and this is his first album in his own name!

José Pereelanga-Varma Kitoko

dvrcd 003

26 March 2015

cover art: Marianna Prieto

photo: Anders Hansson

artist website:


01 Hidden Frog

02 Struggle

03 Where Now?

04 Invisible Changes

05 Triplet Waltz

06 Echoes

07 Something Like It

08 I Remember

09 X-directions

10 Olga

11 The ark

Our second release dvrcd 002 is Anders Vestergård's Finnish/Swedish project West Yard Jazz Quartet  with the titel Ostrobothnian Tales. The record will be officially released in the autumn of 2014 and contains original compositions by Anders and fellow musicians Niklas Winter and Mikael Jakobsson. The line up is Anders Vestergård-drums, Niklas Winter-guitar, Mikael Jakobsson-piano and Johnny Åman bass.

West Yard Jazz Quartet-Ostrobothnian Tales

dvrcd 002

1 September 2014

cover art: Joao Manuel Pinhao

artist website:

band facebook page:


01 Cirklar

02 Färger

03 Barnet

04 Tänk att

05 En drömvärld

06 Ditt ansikte var naket

07 Joggesö

08 Goda råd är dyra

09 Elektriskt

We proudly present our first reslease ever, dvrcd 001 Emma Denward's Cirklar. Emma has written all the lyrics and most of the music for the album. Her voice is dynamic and very musical. Sometimes it tells a story, sometimes it's used as an instrument among others. She's managed to crate a personal band sound where her voice as a singer and composer/lyricist can be heard.

Emma Denward - vocals

Inge Petersson Lindbäck - saxophone

Magnus Hjorth - piano

David Andersson - bass

Anders Vestergård - drums

Emma Denward-Cirklar

dvrcd 001

28 November 2013

cover art: Sven Tesch Hallström

photo: Niklas Bomgren/ Jon Rudberg

artist facebook page:

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