Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quartet

Inside Turnabout

dvrcd 007

Release in October 2017

Cover Art: Sven Tesch Hallström




Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quartet

Inside Turnabout is the second album of this partnership recording modern jazz with compositions by both leaders. The first one was Lisbon Sessions recorded in Europe with mostly European musicians except Lupa, Ronan Guilfoyle on bass and Michael Buckley sax, both from Ireland and Gonçalo Marques trumpet from Portugal.


This new record, Inside Turnabout, was recorded at Sunnanå Studios outside Malmö, Sweden in February 2017. It was supposed to be a second tour of the first album but ended up being a new group with new compositions from Anders, Lupa as well as the Brazilian sax player Rodrigo Ursaia. Rodrigo has a long partnership with Lupa, and a cd recorded with a Quintet. Anders listened to this work and found the identification of Rodrigo’s sound with his compositions. Both Brazilians were touring in Europe and this was a good chance to experiment with a new group and new repertoire so Anders called the great bassist Mattias Hjorth. Mattias has an amazing groove and deep knowledge of the contemporary jazz language and added a lot to the recipe.


The result is an album with very fresh compositions, challenging harmonies and different grooves mixing latin, Brazilian, and hybrid rhythms – an open invitation for the listener to dive into!


Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quartet is:

Anders Vestergård – drums

Lupa Santiago – guitar

Rodrigo Ursaia – sax

Mattias Hjorth – bass





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